Practice Areas Litigation and arbitration
JXD has a team of talented lawyers engaged in litigation and arbitration who handle all types of litigation and arbitration cases. They have effectively solved many complicated and novel cases on behalf of our clients.>

Our lawyers provide effective representation for our clients in all adversarial proceedings, including first instance, appeal, retrial, arbitration, execution, etc. covering such diverse fields as civil law, economic law, maritime law, criminal law and administrative law. Our prudent handling of cases, novel case handling ideas and unique case analysis have led to beneficial results for our clients and garnered favorable comments from our domestic and overseas clients.

International Litigation and Arbitration Team

JXD’s international litigation and arbitration team has rich practice experience and concrete legal knowledge. With strong support and teamwork from JXD’s trade and international departments, they have offered high quality and effective legal services to clients involved in foreign litigation and arbitration. JXD’s lawyers have truly and effectively safeguarded our clients’ interests through flexible negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. JXD’s lawyers have formed strong cooperative relationships with foreign lawyers and have an advantage in dealing with foreign cases.

The services JXD’s international litigation and arbitration team provides include:

  providing legal advice, case analysis, and strategy for foreign-related litigation and arbitration
  issuing expert reports for clients on Chinese law relevant to foreign proceedings and arbitrations
  representing foreign clients to participate in various domestic litigation and arbitration proceedings
  representing Chinese clients to participate in various international arbitration proceedings
  pre-litigation background investigation, collection of evidence, and petitions for injunction and attachment
  enforcement of valid legal documents
  other legal services concerning foreign litigation and arbitration
Practice Areas
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