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JXD’s government affairs department pays special attention to the development of laws and social trends. We have actively participated in social affairs and maintained good communication and close contact with government departments. We aim to provide support to government legal affairs departments and suggestions and advice regarding current and pending legislation. We also promote communication between private enterprises and the government and seek more and better opportunities for private enterprise.

Government Affairs Team

JXD’s government affairs team is aimed at promoting communication between the enterprises and the government. At the same time, we provide professional legal services to enterprises and the government in order to promote the legitimatization of government behaviors and seek more and better opportunities for the enterprises.

JXD’s government affairs team provides clients with services including but not limited to:

  representing private enterprises in submitting objections, proposals or suggestions to the government
  representing private enterprises in communicating and coordinating with relevant government departments on specific projects
  representing private enterprises in applying for administrative review and in administrative proceedings
  representing the government in negotiation and communication with third parties
  representing government departments in responding to lawsuits
  offering legislative suggestions to government departments
  research into laws with regard to trade policy
Practice Areas
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