Practice Areas Trade and international business
Since its establishment, JXD has provided international trade legal services for many well-known multinational enterprises.  In today’s globalized economy, with the rapid development of international trade and cooperation and the increase and growth of multinationals and company groups, national governments are directing greater resources and focus to the enforcement of antimonopoly and anti-dumping laws. JXD lawyers have thoroughly researched the domestic and foreign laws governing anti-dumping, anti-monopoly, and antisubsidy. Our lawyers are skilled at responding to anti-dumping claims, using dumping rules to resist or minimize dumping damages, analyzing and handling litigation related to bundled sales, price discrimination, predatory pricing and other monopolizing activities, and assisting clients in passing anti-dumping and anti-monopoly examination by the relevant government department.

Following its accession into the WTO and the resulting deeper and wider link between China’s economy and the world economy, the influence of maritime and maritime issues on China’s economy becomes more and more apparent. JXD has engaged for many years in maritime research and we can provide clients with professional solutions in legal matters related to shipping, bills of lading, cargo transport, insurance, etc.

JXD also has deep practice experience in providing legal services for Sino-Japanese, Sino-American, and Sino-European trade.  We understand the corporate cultures in Japan, the US, and Europe, as well as China’s regulations and policy inclination towards those countries.. This experience and understanding enables us to provide effective individual planning guidance to meet our clients’ individual characteristics and requirements.

Our Trade and International Business Department provides a comprehensive and full range of legal services for multinationals, enterprise groups and other clients.

Antimonopoly Team

Our anti-monopoly team consists of lawyers with practical anti-monopoly experience and knowledge. We aim to provide high quality and effective legal services for clients in antimonopoly matters, reasonable avoidance of legal risks, and better protection of our clients’ interests.

The services provided to our clients by JXD’s antimonopoly team include:

  antimonopoly examinations related to enterprise M&A planning
  representing clients in anti-monopoly investigations
  representing clients in civil compensation cases related to antimonopoly claims
  providing legal advice and opinions related to antimonopoly
  legal precautions to avoid monopoly complaints
  legal analysis and litigation of other unfair competition activities
Practice Areas
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