Practice Areas Intellectual property
JXD has solid experience in the areas of IP litigation and non-litigation matters and maintains close communication with domestic and overseas IP experts. Our IP team is composed of a trademark group, patent group, network group, and an IP litigation group. We have a professional team of lawyers who can provide clients with a wide scope of legal services in the IP area.

Trademark Team

Our trademark practitioners have a solid grounding in trademark law and related laws, regulations and policies with a deep foundation in theory and rich practice experience in trademark registration, trademark protection, trademark administration and brand protection etc. with an aim of providing professional and efficient trademark-related legal services to our clients.

JXD’s trademark team provides clients with services including, but not limited to:

  trademark protection strategy
  application for trademark as an agent
  representation in proceedings of trademark objection, reexamination after rejection, and registration disputes
  Initial trademark search and follow-up monitoring services
  trademark administration services
  investigatory services in trademark infringement
  trademark licensing and transfer service
  trademark protection related to domain names
  trademark protection through customs recordation and enforcement
  trademark protection in franchising and chain operations
  trademark protection in trade
  other services related to trademark
Practice Areas
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